Becoming parents can be the most memorable part of life in most of the couples. From the announcement of pregnancy till the birth of the child. The parents do everything what they could to welcome their new visitor. They also try their best to create the best living conditions to their babies. Babies’ physical and mental development takes place from birth to the age of nine. This is when the brain, organs, bones and other motor functions develop in babies. This period can be crucial.

When a child reaches the age of three, most parents want to send their child to a pre school. Preschools are institutions where a child gets education before they start schooling. For parents who are busy with their lives and don’t have enough time to spend with their kids, sending them to a preschool will be a good option. It’s good to select a preschool with day care services so that the child can stay there till parents finish work. It’s always good to choose a preschool closer to home. For example; if you live in Menai it’s important to chose childcare menai. Choosing a place closer can be good because as the distance is lesser the child won’t feel tired going to the preschool. Child may loose interest in going to a preschool which is far away as it can be very tiring and stressing.

It’s essential to pay attention to the food behaviors of children. As already mentioned above the critical period of development in systems of children takes place in this period of time. So it’s important to give them the required amount of nutrients according to their age. Their diet should be balanced with enough amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats according to the age of the child. Make sure not to give food containing high amount of salts and sugars. This can lead to problems with kidneys and early diabetes in children. It’s also essential to think twice before giving honey, egg whites and mushrooms to kids. These cause different infections and allergic reactions in kids. It’s very important we take care of the mental health of  kids as well.

The brain and parts of the nervous system develops in kids till the age of nine. It’s very important that the kids don’t undergo any mental stress during this period of time. It’s accountability of every parent to make sure the child grows in a perfect peaceful atmosphere. It’s also important to get your kids vaccinated for certain infections at different stages of live. Some infections can destroy the structures and functions of the brain. This can lead to long term effects in children.

Problem solving, decision making, analytic thinking, reading, thinking, communicating, time management, cooking, hygiene and so on can be taught to children. These type of activities help the brain to develop well and it also can help the kids grow up as independent and responsible adults. Most kids follow habits of their parents, as parents its important to pay attention to your habits and behaviors around children as it can effect them in many ways.

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