There are numerous benefits to encouraging your child to read. Young children can grasp information easily which helps them learn about themselves and the world around them through stories. It is never too early to start reading to a child, even toddlers who have not adequately developed their language skills to understand all of what is being said can still enjoy your facial expressions and dramatisation through words and sounds to grasp emotions.

There are so many kids books that you can choose to suit your child’s age group and ability online, before heading out to purchase one. Let’s look at some of the benefits of cultivating a reading habit in children. 

When your child listens to you reading to them or when they read by themselves, they are exposed to a range of words and phrases which help them build and expand their vocabulary. When they listen to you reading, your child picks up on the correct pronunciation and enunciation of words and phrases which in turn help them in social situations and academics.

You may not have realised the act of reading can improve your child’s attention span. It is an important life skill that should be honed when still young. The use of devices at an early age leading to overstimulation is getting in the way of focus and concentration which hampers the ability to complete a task within a given timeframe and the ability to focus all their attention on a task. Reading helps children improve attention and focus.

Research suggests children who have been read to from an early age and who have cultivated the habit of reading by themselves find it easier to adapt to school life. Schooling involves a lot of reading, focus and attention to what is being said by the teacher. A child who has picked up these skills earlier on will have less stress and anxiety adapting to the demands of school life. 

The benefits of reading are not just for children but adults as well, the habit of reading when introduced at an early age tends to stay with the individual into adulthood. It is not just the love of books but the benefits of reading like relaxation, lowering stress levels, and the ability to focus on a task for extended periods that help adults, who continue to read as a habit. It has been observed that parents who picked up the habit of reading while still a child generally pass it on to their children at an early age and the habit gets passed down to their children in turn and so on.

Through reading your child has the opportunity to access knowledge and information from countries and cultures from across the world as well as a great number of interests, topics and subjects they have an interest in and curiosity about, giving them the ability to enrich their mind and widen their appreciation for a range of subjects.