Children should be feed the knowledge in the right time and right way. They must have a friendly environment. When the environment is friendly to them they happy. They love to spend their time. They will only gain knowledge in the place where they are comfortable.

The children’s who are 3-4 years old are eligible to join the kindergarten. This is the start for their education this should be strong. Providing this strong will help to achieve success in the school. Parents are very conscious in joining their children for the best school but it is very important to join your children for the best preschool. Because this is the basement for your child’s education and this is a preparation for the school entry.

The origin for the word kindergarten is German where kinder means children and garten means garden. This Montessori is a garden and children are the tiny flower which should be handle with care. This care is provided to your child.

Our Kindergarten teachers are excellently skilled with communication and listening. They possess the ability to inspire and enthuse the children. Our mission is to provide opportunities for our students to develop self -awareness, teamwork skills, become regular students, community guardians. They deal children with kind and patience.

This preschools are focused in skill developments such as emotional developments, communication language and literacy, personal and social development.

What are skills developed in the kindergarten.

Patience – Children absorb and improve in a variety of situations, making endurance a significant skill. In addition, the learning environment and conditions are often changing, which can remain interesting for children. Patience will also support children communicate with parents and members in the family.

Communication skills – Communication skill is important because the children you care for are then able to articulate their wants and desires. Caretakers use oral and non-verbal communication to recognise when a child wants help. They should also exercise strong communication skills when talking to parents about growth or development.

Creativity – Children are creative they must be encouraged to explore their creativity. Our experienced staffs encourage them with their individual creativeness. When children are joining to Toowoomba kindergarten their creativity will increase when it is positive environment to explore ideas.

Social skills – Teaches the children to uses words like sorry thank you, excuse me. Encourage them to take responsibility for their own belonging, increase the punctuality and make them work according to a time table. Give them a first knowledge.

Reading skills – This is the starting stage of reading for the children. The initial stage include reading by looking to the pictures in the book. Recognize the sounds of the letter. Our educators provide the support to the children in the starting stage and bring them up in reading.

Writing skills – In this first step of staring to write children should be given the correct guidance. We provide that guidance to your children. When they active in writing. It is easy for them when they join schools.

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