With the baby on the way and the pregnancy hormones stressing you out, it is a hassle to decorate that perfect nursery you always wanted for when your precious baby comes. With no prior experience in this area, you may be at a loss as to where you need to start from. To take off some of that extra stress that comes with decorating the ideal nursery, here are some tips to help you out:

1)     Look for inspiration

If you do not have any idea on the basics to designing a nursery, that is completely fine as this is a new experience after all. You can google up some ideas or look to Pinterest for something unique. If you do have family/friends that have some knowledge in these areas, get their opinions as well. When looking for ideas on setting up the nursery, go for something unique yet low budget and easy to design.

2)     Pick a theme

Once you have found the inspiration you need, settle down for a colour and a theme. Gone are the days where blue is for boys and pink is for girls, so break down those gender stereotypes and paint the walls any colour you feel would be soothing for your baby.

You can go with a travel theme if you like to instil a sense of travel and exploration in your baby or you could opt for a jungle theme, decorating the walls with all sorts of animals.  Whatever you choose, make sure it is something you are comfortable with as well since you will be spending a majority of time nursing your baby in there.

3)     Stock up on the necessities

Now that you picked the theme you want to go with, you can go ahead and buy that matching furniture as well. Get a changing table and a safe and steady crib. You can get a single couch to doze off in while you keep an eye on your little bundle of joy. When the due date gets closer, you can stock up those drawers with diapers, wipes, feeding bottles and pacifiers. Don’t forget that night light and baby monitor as well that are important for your baby’s safety.

4)     Set up a play area

You can buy some toys to occupy your baby when they aren’t sleepy or hungry. Go for toys that your baby won’t get hurt handling. You can create an island and keep adding stuff every time your baby learns something new. Or you can start off with a toy horse stable and add in some farm animals so your baby can learn about numbers while playing.

5)     Manage space for your ease

When you actually consider it, the only space your baby would be occupying in the room is the crib to sleep in, the changing table to replace those dirty diapers and a play pen (if you are considering about getting one) to play in. Manage your space so that it is easy for you to grab those wet wipes or pacifiers all while keeping an eye on your baby.

These simple tips are all you need to set up the nursery to your liking. You will be the one comforting your baby so make sure the nursery is comfortable enough for you as well.

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