When it comes to first birthdays, parents want to give it all in for their precious one. Sometimes, it may not sound practical spending too much on an event your child won’t even remember at all. Most kids have memories of their birthday parties when they are a bit older, around 5 onwards. First birthdays are a real big celebration for parents that’s why many of them tend to spend a lot on this big day.

However, you don’t really need to break the bank if you want to create a memorable and fun first birthday party for your little one. Be a wise parent and try out these tips for an economical yet fab party.

Set a Budget and Plan the Timeline

First, start listing everything that you need for the party. From the raw ingredients, cake, decorations, invitations, outfit, and all the other things needed. Once you get everything listed, you can set an estimate on how much you would want to allocate on each item.

That way, you have a set track on how much you could only spend for an item. Aside from that, create a timeline on how things should go. This is really important when you need to pick up some items you ordered for the party. With a good timeline, you can be sure that everything is moving at a steady pace.

Create an Exclusive Guest List

If you’re aiming for an economical party, create an exclusive guest list rather an open one. Avoid open invitations; it will only cost you more and some of them just don’t need to be there at all. List important people who should be there at your child’s party. They are your family, some close friends, and even a few favourite neighbours. You could save a lot when you have fewer guests.

Opt for Simple Colour or Number-Based Theme

Branded themes are popular in kids’ birthday parties however these are more expensive compared to its other decorative counterparts. Instead of choosing a branded theme, go for colour-based or number-based themes. It is easier to decorate around colours plus the supplies needed are a lot cheaper than branded ones. There are plenty of DIY party décor ideas you could watch to help you out in creating your own party decoration.

Shop Around for Expensive Items

These days, cakes cost a lot even those small, single-layered ones. Take your time and shop around first to find the best deal for you budget. Aside from cakes, look around also for a perfect outfit for your little birthday celebrant. There are plenty of different costumes to choose from at Lil Creatures kids costumes, fit for any birthday theme you have.

Try Shopping at Wholesale Sites

Wholesale sites have lower prices compared to others. Mostly likely, you’ll be getting items in bulk such as decorations and other party needs. With creativity, you could setup these items to create a lovely birthday backdrop and set the ambience of the party.

With the adequate time and resources to prepare, you can definitely have an amazing birthday for your precious one.

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