It is quite common among teenagers to earn some money through babysitting, but because this is about handling small children care and understanding should be properly shown. It is very easy to make mistakes and slip up.

Small children are unpredictable and each one very unique and the challenges you may face are many. Some can be really sweet and calm and some are very playful and some even throw huge tantrums. To be a good baby sitter you should be able to handle children at any state and this would a very good experience for you.

Know what you can handle

You know yourself more than anyone else and you know your limitations too. Before you go on to babysit you have to know about the child you are going to babysit, knowing the routine and habits and the behaviour of the child would come in great use when you are left alone with the child and you have to deal with him/her.

Usually, parents conduct an interview of some sort before they recruit a nanny and this is a good time for you to ask whatever you want to know of the child and be very specific, ask if the child has any allergies, is he/she taking any medication, any special way of preparing food for them or any preference of food, what they dislike and like, any routine of the child. And familiarize yourself with the surrounding, know where they keep their emergency kit, medicines for the child. Knowing in advance about the child would help you in adapting to the child very quickly and you can even have a good time.

Taking classes to learn

Since taking care of a child can be tricky and if this is your first time you can take up some child care classes, children are likely to get into many accidents, knowing how to handle the child and take care of the child would be very beneficial. It is a very good idea to have a first aid training so if any emergency arises you have the ability to tackle the situation and get help on time.

Become friendly with the child

Children love to play and are drawn towards who show them love and companion. You can bring toys to play or girls arts and crafts sets so you can do some craft activity together. If the child is a boy they would love playing with cars or something action so engage with and play along, girls love playing with the dolls or having a tea party so provide them company and play with them and they will soon warm up to you


If you have any questions or want to know anything, for example where some things are kept ask the parents, you might have some questions before but as you engage in it you might have more questions in these cases don’t hesitate

Be disciplined and organized

Don’t spoil the child too much, the parents would have a particular routine and restriction for the child so they grow up well get to know this and stick to them.

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