The feeling of going on holiday soon is exciting, the thought of being away from life for a few days on a winter trip is a feeling we all long for. However, as a parent with a toddler the planning journey is not that fun as you are in charge of not only planning logistics of how to pack for yourself but also for your toddler.

It can be a hectic couple of days leading up to your holiday getting everything ready to go. So naturally it is normal to miss out on a few things here and there. So, in order to help you have a checklist of all the things your toddler is going to need on their holiday here is a list to help you out.

Water and wind resistant outer clothing

Winter can be cold for some and freezing for others, but for a toddler the latter is more applicable. This is why simple winter wear may not suffice. Much like a windbreaker adults wear toddlers and babies too have nylon padded outer clothing that is water and wind resistant.

Once zipped up the material prevents any water or cold air from passing through the material. This kind of outer wear is ideal for when travelling between places or in the outdoors. This helps keep them warm and safe from the outside temperatures.

A series of outfits

Just because it is winter it does not mean that your toddler cannot be dressed up. There are loads of baby girl winter outfits that are designed to keep out the cold. Most of these outfits involve layering clothing from stockings, to scarves and knitted jackets.

The right shoes

Walking in snow is not easy for adults so you can just imagine how much harder it will be for a child. This is why it is paramount to ensure you have packed enough footwear for your toddler’s holiday. This way they can change shoes depending on the weather and comfort level.

The best thing to do is to take at least two pairs or tried and tested footwear. Meaning if your toddler has a pair of shoes that you know they find comfortable wearing this should be used for travelling or walking. This avoids the probability of shoe cuts or sore feet.

A winter activity

If you are ski fans then you might want to try some skiing for other winter holiday activities. But what does this mean for your toddler. Supervised skiing in short flat areas can be a great way for them to start learning without the fear of falling over.

However, finding the right size of shoes and equipment can be tricky. If possible, pack some of the basic items you may need to ensure they learn comfortably. This helps enrich the experience for you and them.

Avoid over thinking or panicking on your trip. If you still have left some items behind find creative ways to fill in.