One of the common challenges new parents face is travelling with their baby. Some even think that it is impossible to travel around with a baby at hand. However, with the right gears, travelling with your little one can become more convenient than what you have imagined before.

In fact, babies are great travel buddies since they don’t move around much and don’t complain a lot unlike bigger kids. As long as you have all their essentials and comforts met, you’ll surely have a happy mini travel companion with you.

If it’s your first time travelling with your little one, thinking about which things are essential to pack can be a daunting task. To help you out, here’s a quick list of baby’s must-have gears when travelling.

Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is a great help when you’re walking through crowds or anywhere with your baby. You could carry your baby hands-free, giving you more versatility in your movement. It is a lot convenient than carrying your baby with bare hands since you can rest your arms when needed and have a free hand to do other important stuff such as making a phone call, getting something in your pocket, and many more. There are different styles available – from front-wearing to back-carrying wrap.


Finding the right stroller is really important since it’s very useful in travels but it’s not that cheap. You have to pick the right one to make the most of your money. Although there are plenty of cute designs to choose from, quality and durability is the most important features to look for in a stroller. If you need a travel stroller, look for a design that is compact and lightweight for easy carrying wherever you go.

Portable Cot

Babies sleep a lot that’s why it is important to have a portable sleeping cot with you at all times. There are newer designs that feature a pop-up pod design which is convenient to carry around yet really comfortable to sleep in for your little one. Your baby could lie down and sleep comfortably whether you’re at the park, mall, or anywhere you are.

Infant Capsule

If you need to transfer from one transportation to another during your travel, having an infant capsule makes things convenient. You don’t need to pick up baby, carry him to the next transportation and set him up on the seat. Just pick up the infant capsule with your baby tucked in securely with a safety belt then move to the next transport and place the capsule on the seat again.

Diaper Change Kit

Travelling with a baby means you have to change diapers anywhere as needed too. Since diaper bags are way too bulky to carry around, have a quick diaper change kit while you’re out and about with your little one. A portable changing mat is easy to carry and you could use lay it out anywhere when your baby needs a nappy change. It also has small pocket where you can place all those tiny essentials such as diaper cream, sanitizer, baby wipes, etc.

Travelling with a baby is not impossible once you have these essential baby gears ready before the trip.

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