Organizing your kid’s bedroom is one of the most difficult tasks to date. There is so much to store and so much to throw. So, let’s start from the beginning. In this article, we will discuss how to manage and organize your kid’s room so it’s neat and tidy at all times.

You may get tired of cleaning it because it always becomes a mess the next day itself, isn’t it? But have you considered what new methods you can implement while organising so it remains in a good condition for a longer period of time?

To begin with, get yourself to sell, donate and throw containers. These will help you minimise the mess as you can segregate all unnecessary items that could either be sold, donated or if it’s in a worse condition, thrown out.

The process can sometimes be overwhelming and it may seem that there’s more mess now, but just assure yourself of the larger picture, an organized room with all the mess out, yes, the happiness is indeed real. Remove all the worn-out, too short, too old, clothes. This can be a task in itself. We usually tend to store so many clothing articles we think we might need but never really end up wearing those.

The key tip is to get rid of those, the more clothes you remove, the more storage space in your wardrobe to keep it better organized. What you can also get is kids wardrobe dividers. These can easily be found at Amazon/Walmart. These help further with reducing the clutter.

Using all the space available in your room as storage allows you to be more efficient at organizing the room. Unused spaces like under the bed or the top most shelf of your wardrobe are usually less consumed. Make effective use of these by placing baskets, storage bins etc and storing all your belongings in them.

Organize their bookshelf in order of the books that belong to them, their favourite toys and some decorative that will add a hint of colour and element to their room. It’s all about the excitement and colour in their rooms, kids do not enjoy having boring wallpapers and aesthetic art pieces.

Have a separate corner for all their toys. More like a mini playroom within their room. Children can be emotionally attached to their toys and storing them away in different places can give unrequired stress to kids. Having a small corner which stores all their toys means that they can go there, play and leave it back from where they took it. This ensures all toys are organized and in one place.

Making use of custom labels for all your storage bins allows you and your child to find their belongings with ease. This prevents kids from rummaging through all your storage bins in an attempt to find what they are looking for and creating a mess.

Furthermore, if you feel you don’t have adequate space left to organize, go vertical. Make use of vertical storage to store books, small soft toys and their school supplies, this saves up floor space and makes the room more organized.