There are so many toys that are available for young children. But you need to consider what that toy is teaching them and how they will be using the toy before giving it to them. There are many blogs and instructional videos that will help you choose toys that are best to develop the skills of children.

Toddlers learn by experiences and this is something you need to keep in mind when visiting a toy store Melbourne. It can be difficult to compare quality of toys and assess their durability. You need to choose toys that are able to grow with the child or able to impart them a valuable skill at a certain age. It should also be fun to play with which will be the main reason the toddler will choose the toy. Toddlers love to take things apart and put things together. They love experimenting with things whether they are toys or whatever they find in the garden or house. This is why you need to keep a close eye on them at all times. You have to choose toys that are versatile that allow the child to play different games with the toys. One such example is building blocks. They will be able to build anything they want with these blocks and there is no limitation to the toy. It is also a great way of improving their motor skills and logical thinking skills. In addition to building blocks, you can also choose nesting blocks, cups, water or sand toys etc.

There are also toys that will grow with the toddler such as animal toys. They will be able to sort the animals or put them into a box and take them out when they are very young. But this will change when they get older as they can try more advanced activities such as acting out a story with the animals or having a farm etc. Stuffed animals and dolls can also help with this. There are toys that help children to hone their problem solving skills. Some examples are puzzles, clay toys, paint, building blocks and nesting cups. They can help children learn about spatial relationships and improve their hand eye coordination. As they are doing complex activities, they are able to develop fine motor skills as well. Toys like clay and paints can help them explore their creativity and imagination.

Try to include toys that can help the child act out stories such as dress-up clothing, action figures, studded animals, toy tools, toy food etc. You can get involved with the games and have them include you in role play as well. But for them to do this, you need to expose them to different environments and situations. You can take them in the car when you go to fill up gas or you can take them on grocery shopping so they understand how a supermarket works. These activities can help them build their literacy skills as well and they will learn to put events in order. You can help them learn this by telling them stories from a young age. You don’t even need to buy expensive toys. You can get some cardboard boxes for them to play with. They will imagine houses, garages, vehicles etc. with the boxes.

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