If you are a 90s baby then you probably remember how you were dressed. The puff sleeves dress with ribbons, lace socks and buckle black shoes. Sadly, back at that time we did not really have a say in how we were dressed but if we had to do dress like that right now there is a good chance, we will not go out like that. However just like everything else has changed in the world so has style and dressing over the years.

Now kids look like they have stepped out of fashion magazines rather than dressed by parents. Styles and trends have changed and it is up to you to keep up with them. Although some kids do tend to look better dressed than some adults you can still dress them to look childlike as well. Either way depending on your style and preference, there are still tips when choosing your babies clothes, whether it is for your child or if you are gifting it to someone else.

Its more the baby’s weight than age

Babies are born weighing differently, depending on the genes, food intake and nourishment. A heavier baby does not mean that they are heathier than a lighter baby but works on a case-by-case basis. However, when it comes to choosing clothes your thoughts should be on size and weight rather than age. As each toddler can be of different sizes at different ages. So, if you are not sure about the right size go to a kids boutique clothes there will allow you todecide what size will fit.

How safe are the clothes

When we say safe, we do not necessarily mean the type of material but more how the clothes are made. Ribbons, buttons or anything tangible stitched to the clothes may sometimes be a hazard. While it is not likely you can never rule it out. Buttons can be swallowed by accident and ribbons can sometimes get entangled in feet and hands. It is best to ensure safety beforehand.


More than anything comfort should be one of your main priorities. Everyone likes to wear comfortable clothes so obviously so do kids. If you are buying summer clothes cotton is one of the best materials as they are light, soft and comfortable to wear. Itchy materials may sometimes irritate kids skin leaving them in a bad mood.

Trendy and in style

At the end of the day being in style is something we all like. There are plenty of kids’ clothes options that are cute, trendy and affordable to wear. You can check out many online stores for options and since there is so much variety you will not have a problem finding options. Choosing kids clothes is not a complicated list of boxes to tick. If anything, comfort and safety are your biggest factors everything else just falls into place according to your preference.

Keep these tips in mind to dress toddlers and kids the right way.

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