As a parent, it is your responsibility to help them develop the most essential skills. As they grow up, they should learn how to make use of their hands, legs, wrists, fingers, etc., so that they can work on their daily tasks and learn how to be intendent from a smaller age.

A great way to boost up the motor and the fine motor skills of your baby is to Gove them right toys. The first 5 years of your baby’s life is the time that they will have the most development. Therefore, it is crucial that you take a look at the toys that can add to the collection of your baby for the first five year so their life so that they can have the best out of their play time. Here is how you can choose the best fine motor toy for the first five years of your baby’s life:

What time to get fine motor development toys?

You can get fine motor toys to your baby as early as 2 to 3months. This is when they are will start developing their fine motor skills and you will be able to see them attempting to player. By the time your baby gets to the age of 5 months, you will be able to notice that they will be exploring the toys that are given to them using their entire hands. By 12 months of age, the baby will be able to have a good grip, use their index finger and also the thumb.

Giving them the right toys at this time would encourage the development of these skills even further and it would help them in reaching out for better development and to help them be smart as they grow up.

Consider the safety of the toys

When you have narrowed down toys that would help in encage fine motor skills, before you get them, you have to see how safe the toys are. This is because even the slightest mishap in the design of the toy would lead to hazards.

Therefore, it is best that you do not choose toys that have tiny parts which could be swallowed by the baby, toys that are made out of are filled in with toxic materials and toys that have any kind of a hazard. The safer the toys that you are getting for your baby, the more peace of mind you will have while your baby is using them.

Choose a good store

To guarantee that that you will have access to a wide range of baby toys to choose from which meets with all of the standards in terms of the safety and the quality, the first step to take into choose a reputed store. Whether it be online or a special children’s toys stores, read the reviews that their toys have gotten, if their toys have a safety certificate and other important information to make your shopping experience for fine motor development toys a lot easier.

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