Baby shower is an event hosted a few weeks before the delivery of a baby. It is to celebrate the arrival of the baby and also to let the mother know how special she is. Baby shower is usually hosted by the close friends of the one who is giving birth. You may be the one who is throwing the baby shower or you may have been invited to one, getting a gift for the baby shower can be bit of a task there are many gifts out there that you can choose from, you one either get one or multiple some things that you can get are:

Parenting books

Whether your friend is giving birth for the first time or it’s not their first time it doesn’t matter there is always something to learn. If this is the first time your friend is giving birth, she might be new to this whole parenthood and would not know how to deal with parenthood, there are many parenting books available which will be an amazing gift to her and she will appreciate this a lot.

Clothes for the baby

Gender of the baby could be known weeks before, if you know the gender of the baby you could go for clothes shopping for the baby, there are many varieties and different styles of clothing present which you can get. You can get a onesie with a cute pair of shoes and if the baby is known to be a girl you can even get a nice head band with a bow.

If you don’t want to go with clothes you can get something else like appropriate toys, this can be musical toys or soft toys or skin care set for the baby but be very careful to select products that are dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic


There can never be too many diapers and gifting this would be really thoughtful. Babies use up a lot of diapers and giving a diaper supply that would last for a month would be a great gift. With that you can even get a diaper bag backpack.

Buying a name book

Chances are the parents to be already have a name in their mind for the baby but on the other hand they might be still hunting for names that have a good meaning gifting a name book with the meaning would be a very useful gift for the parents.

Baby carrier

Baby in the beginning period need to be carried and sometimes the mother has to work while carrying the baby which can be very difficult, gifting a baby carrier will be very useful in these kinds of situation where mother can carry the baby and have their hands free so they can get some work done.

Getting something for the mother

The gift you get can even extend after delivery, mothers after giving birth go through a huge shift in their routine and end up very tired you can get a spa coupon so that the parents can go and have a relaxing time.

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