As a child you probably remember being excited for your birthday. As much as the party and cake were fun nothing beat the time when you were allowed to open your presents. Seeing the eager eyes of your friends and family patiently wait till you rip apart their carefully wrapped birthday gifts is an unforgettable experience.

We all know that there were gifts we liked more than others and as each year went by different things excited us. So now that you are an adult you have been through the same phase so when you have kiddo’s birthday to go for you need to arrive with a gift the birthday boy or girl are going to love. So just in case you need a few gift ideas here are some to help you out.


Regardless of gender any kid loves to get Lego, gone are the day of the stereotype boys love Lego and girls love dolls. Other than the fun of seeing a child’s excitement to get Lego it is crucial and necessary for a child’s brain and cognitive development. The ability to create something helps to develop their thinking and even their fine motor skills. Also, its lots of fun and can even be made a group activity.

Art and crafts

You probably remember the time you had arts and crafts whether it was in school or even at home with your siblings and friends. Gluing your hands, cutting paper or even painting was so much fun, so why not gift the same to kids nowadays too.

We know that the next generation is going to be so much techier that we will ever be and as much as it is great, kids need to develop their soft skills as well. Arts and crafts help them to be creative, learn the basic skills and over all get them to think out of the box.


For a smaller child soft toys are the go-to gift. There are plenty of toys available from a wide variety of online stores that are derived from cartoon characters and animals. We all had our favourite toy growing up so why not gift a child their favourite toy too.

Jigsaw puzzles

Nothing says brain and creativity development like a jigsaw puzzle. There is a minimum age limit on jigsaws as the tiny pieces could be swallowed so look out for that. However, jigsaw puzzles are always a fun gift, as kids have to look at the picture on the cover and make the puzzle accordingly.

Clothes and personal items

As kids we grow a liking to certain clothes, maybe it is the colour or the pattern of just the picture in front. However, kids’ clothes and styles are a lot different to when we were young so if you are gifting them clothes and accessories you should make sure that it fits the current trend and style. However, it is the easiest and a gift that is guaranteed to be used.

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