These days, there are plenty of toys available in the market that has really complex features but have limited ways to be played. For instance, those battery-operated toys aren’t as versatile unlike basic toys where your child has numerous ways to play with it. All those high-tech and complex toys may look really interesting and entertaining but it offers lesser learning opportunities for your child.

If you’re looking for a good toy to give your child, going back to basics is a good way. Look for basic toys such as building sets, building blocks, baby doll, toy animals, and other more basic playthings. They may look simplebutthe learning opportunity they give to your child is limitless. Your child will use his creativity and imagination while playing with those kinds of toys, helping develop his cognitive skills.

Here are some of the best basic toys that are perfect for your little one.

Building Toys

Building toys are at the top of the list when it comes to the best basic toys. There are plenty of building toys to choose from such as building blocks, Legos, Magna-tiles, rainbow toys, and many more. All of these toys help your child master the concept of space, balancing, shapes, and even developing his creativity by planning out different designs every time he plays with those kinds of toys.

Play Dough

Another great yet basic toy for kids is the classic play dough. You’ll notice that play dough is commonly used in schools and day-carecentres as well. This is because playing with play dough gives your child an opportunity to be creative and form things, he like using the dough. It also helps develop fine motor skills on the hand and fingers by shaping and moulding the play dough. It is also a sensory toy, making it a perfect soothing or calming toy in times when your child feels stressed or overwhelmed.

Pretend Play Toys

For bigger kids, pretend play toys are one of the best toys you could give. Pretend play toys help them become what they want to be through play. They could take the role of a doctor, chef, pirate, princess, or any character that they wanted to be. You could also complete their pretend play experience by offering dress-up clothes as well aside from the toys.

You don’t need to buy those expensive costumes at toy shops. Just take a look at those unused stuff at the back of your closet and you’ll be amazed at the things kids can use to transform themselves to the characters that they wanted to be.

There are still lots of basic toys you could offer your child and not just those three mentioned above. Kids don’t need entertaining toys – they need playthings that they could use to their imagination to get the best learning experience from it. When choosing toys for your kids, remember to go back to basics. Aside from saving a lot, you are also giving your child the best type of toys that would help nurture their young minds.