All you need for a picnic is a pristine spot, good food, and someone to share it with. But if you want to make the perfect picnic without any common mistakes to ruin your day, you will need a little preparation with some things that we often forget to take on a picnic.

To help you out, we have 4 key things that you might want to consider taking on your next picnic, which can help you spend quality time. 


A picnic is indeed a great way to enjoy yourself outdoors with warm breezes and sunny views. Sadly, spending too much time outdoors also means you’re going to soak up all the heat and sunshine to your skin causing terrible sunburns. 

Sometimes we all feel a little reluctant to play in the hot sun because of the sunburns that’ll follow. So instead of wasting time on your picnic trying to protect your skin, pack sunscreen with you and apply it whenever you feel you need some. 

Even if you prefer, staying under an umbrella or a tree during your picnic, remember that skin damage is still possible under the shade. 


Although you may choose picnic destinations that have chairs and tables, these seating can be limited on a beautiful day. So, it’s always safe to carry a blanket on your picnic to avoid disappoints. Carrying a blanket also helps in spreading out for your lunch fare. 

Make sure to carry a blanket that has space for everyone on the picnic. For smaller picnics carry a pocket blanket. Try to look for extra features such as water-resistant, weighted corners, and built-in stakes for added convenience. 

Ice packs or thermos 

Food is indeed an important part of a quality picnic and nothing is worse than having soggy sandwiches and spoiled potato salads. Moreover, any food held between 40 F and 140 F is in the danger zone where bacteria can grow, increasing the risk of food poisoning. So, the food you prepare must be at a safe temperature while you’re on the picnic until it’s time to serve. 

Pack food like desserts and salads with enough ice to keep it chilled until you serve them. You can also use coolers but they call for some extra tasks to carry it around. For hot foods, you can consider thermos to keep them at a safe temperature. 

If you’re looking for more convenience, consider taking insulated lunch bags that you can use for both hot and cold foods. Place a heatedwater bottle / gel pack if your food is warm and a frozen gel pack/water bottle/juice box for cold foods. 

Bug Spray 

A picnic outdoor, especially in parks surely calls for some pesky friends like bugs. Besides, insect bites can also cause itching, swelling, pain, numbness, or even other severe reactions depending on your body type. Such symptoms can disturb the fun-filled time you get to spend at the picnic. 

So, to avoid such chances of insect bites, carry a bug spray on your picnic and apply them liberally whenever you need some. If you’re not into bug sprays you can also use repellent lotion, whichever that works best for you. 

Try to take these things on your next picnic and see how much of a difference it makes. While it’s easy for many of us to forget these things, they surely enhance the quality time you get to spend at a picnic around your loved ones.

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